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Trojan Hunter

Obtain digital forensics and peace of mind at a known price.

Trojan Hunter TM : Digital Forensics

  • Obtain digital forensics for Trojans

  • Avoid uncertain consulting prices

  • Pay up-front per computer

  • Have peace of mind

Is the uncertain price tag of six-figures or more for customized digital forensics too high for you? Do you want to know exactly how much to budget for digital forensics? Do you suspect that your computer has a Trojan?

For each computer we test for Trojans, you pay a fixed cost up-front. We mail you the Trojan Hunter, you follow the instructions to test your computer, and you mail it back. We do the digital forensics. In some cases, you will get peace of mind when you find out that there were no Trojans detected. In other cases, we may detect some machine code of a Trojan which we will share with you and with the FBI at no additional cost.

Please contact Intrepid Net Computing to discuss pricing and availability.

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