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Trojan Hunter

Obtain digital forensics at a known price.

Trojan Hunter TM : License and Instructions


By using the Trojan Hunter (TM), you are agreeing to the following license agreement.

The Trojan Hunter (TM) is provided as-is with no warranty or guarantee. Intrepid Net Computing is not liable for harm if you deviate from the instructions provided. Intrepid Net Computing is not responsible for delivering digital forensics if you deviate from the provided instructions.

By using the Trojan Hunter (TM), you agree not to disassemble or reverse-engineer the proprietary process that is used for the Trojan Hunter (TM). You agree to respect any and all patents, patents in progress, and trade secrets related to the Trojan Hunter (TM).

You will not transfer the Trojan Hunter (TM) to a third party. You will not re-sell the Trojan Hunter (TM).


The Trojan Hunter (TM) can only be plugged into a single computer.
  1. Select the computer that seems most likely to have a Trojan. This computer can have any operating system and can be a laptop, a desktop, a server, or a router.
  2. Plug the brand-new Trojan Hunter (TM) into a USB port on the selected computer.
  3. In your file manager, navigate to the USB drive and open license.txt. (On Mac OSX, you may need to navigate to "devices".)
  4. Close license.txt and do nothing else while you wait. The Trojan Hunter (TM) will operate automatically.
  5. Leave the Trojan Hunter (TM) plugged in for 10 minutes.
  6. After 10 minutes, unmount and unplug the Trojan Hunter (TM).
  7. Fill out and print the return ticket (found below). Please look up your the full version of your operating system.
  8. Mail the Trojan Hunter (TM) and the return ticket to:
    Intrepid Net Computing
    P.O. Box 606
    Dillon, MT 59725-0606
    United States
Use the Trojan Hunter (TM) on only one computer.
Never store files on the Trojan Hunter (TM).

Return Ticket

We will use your email address to send you the results of the Trojan Hunter (TM). By mailing us the return ticket, you are opting-in to receiving the results.
First Name
Last Name
Computer Operating System & Version

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